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Businessweek recently featured Maple’s in a gelato taste test against national brands like Talenti, Häagen-Dazs, and Ciao Bella.

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Here’s what they had to say about Maple’s Organic Vanilla Bean Gelato:

Maple’s Organics Vanilla Bean
Maple’s Organics, in Yarmouth, Me., was founded in 2006. The company uses only organic milk from local farms for its gluten-free gelato. $6.49
Snyder: “The design I like. They’re trying to do something a little different, so props to that.”
Snyder: “There’s something lighter going on. It’s not heavy.”
Kurtzman: “An acceptable gelato texture.”
Cecchini: “The flavor’s not too strong. In Italy the vanilla’s not too strong.”
Kurtzman: “I look for dots, and there’s not a single dot.”
Snyder: “I like this. It’s not overly sweet.”
Overall grade B+

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From the Scoop Shop Today

Mmmm S’mores Gelato is now featured at our Scoop Shop. Stop by to try a scoop!


Seasonal Sorbetto & Gelato

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A rotating selection of flavors spotlighting the bounty of the seasons and culinary traditions.



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An Italian flavor we adore– gelato bursting with freshly roasted hazelnuts, kissed with flecks of dark chocolate.


Peanut Butter Brittle

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As peanut buttery as ice cream can get, with bits of crackly, salty homemade peanut brittle.


Wild Maine Blueberry

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One of our best sellers, this flavor blends the best of fresh picked wild Maine blueberries with rich, creamy gelato.


Maine Maple

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Sweetened only with organic Maine
maple syrup, this is the perfect balance
of cream and rich, natural sweetness.


Mexican Chocolate

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Our collaboration with TAZA Chocolate: Milky chocolate gelato spiced with guajillo pepper and cinnamon, with flecks of stone ground dark chocolate.


Red Raspberry Sorbetto

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Ripe, bright red organic raspberries bursting with tangy sweetness. A true vegan and fat-free delight.